Check Please!

One Solution. The best table service solution, period.

PayVida is revolutionizing hospitality with the most powerful field service solution available.  Check Please uses the most advanced smart terminals to seamlessly integrate to the leading restaurant POS systems in North America.  Increase table turns, bust long lines, and improve your customers experience. Check Please is the table service solution for life today. 


Pay at the Table, at the Counter, in the Field

Integrated with multiple hospitality POS systems to allow users to pay at the table, counter, or in the field with ability to split check, adjust tips, support donations to charity, and use the payment type they want. Provide email, SMS, or printed receipts.

Pay at the Table

Stepped up service with Pay at the Table and or Drop at the Table.

Pay at the Counter

Streamline the queue with our efficient cashier/customer processes.

Pay in the Field

Take DataPoint anywhere to make integrated payments.


Next Generation Self Service

Give customers the ultimate self-service dining experience with Table @ Service. 

Check Please: Next Generation Self Service

Table@Service Kiosk uses the menus from out POS and displays them to consumers in a way that is easy for them.  Once items are ordered, your POS system process them with the rules you have established to expedite to various printers or monitors.  Perfect for Quick Serve Restaurants, Take Out Food Service, Food Trucks, Event Venues, and waiting areas in busy restaurants.

Check Please: Next Generation Self Service 2

Table@Service uses an android tablet to serve as your menu to allow guests to place orders right from their table.  As items are ordered, the POS system rules take over and process to printers and monitors to expedite.  Perfect for the progressive restaurateur that is ready for the next level.