One Source. One Platform.

P3 (PayVida Processing Platform) is the most powerful payment ecosystem available to support how merchants want to sell and how consumers want to pay.

Ways to Pay

P3: Mobile

Mobile.  Easy transaction processing on your mobile device.

Simple, intuitive, and secure way to process payments from your mobile phone or tablet. Key in the payment information or use the PayVida Mobile Pin Device to swipe, dip, or tap a payment.  Payment information can be securely stored for future or recurring transactions.  Custom receipts are delivered to your customer via email or SMS text.

P3: E-Commerce

E-Commerce.  Securely accept payments in your online shopping cart.

P3 is an online payment gateway packed with features to provide you and your customers a secure and easy way to process transactions online.  Integrate with popular shopping carts, software programs, and platforms using our API or hosted payment page.  Fraud mitigation that goes beyond simple AVS (address verification) and CVV (card code verification) with advance filtering, IP blocking, and risk controls.

Ask about “Transaction Guarantee”

P3: Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal.  Turn your internet enabled device into a payment terminal.

P3 Virtual Terminal allows users to quickly and easily process payments, authorizations, refunds and other transactions from any internet device.  P3 VT supports advanced transaction routing to reduce card processing costs with automated prompting for AVS and Commercial L2 and L3 data.  Securely store customer data and payment types in our encrypted block-chain enabled vault, so you remain out of scope for PCI compliance issues. 

P3: Invoicing

Invoicing. Digital Invoices to Make it Easy for Your Customers to Pay.

P3 Invoicing enables you to easily create customized invoices that can be delivered to your customers through both email and SMS text.  Your customer receives the invoice details and with a click of the mouse or tap on the screen can authorize a payment or add a new payment type on the fly. 


P3: Recurring

Recurring. Automated Payments with Maximum Impact.

P3 Recurring allows you to create flexible programs and payment plans that fit your products, services, and customer needs.  Create plans based on frequency, installment to a total price, or fixed number of payments.  Customer and payment data is encrypted into our block-chain enabled vault to keep you out of PCI scope.  Never miss a payment with our automated account updater service that updates card data if it is changed or a card expires.


P3: Integration

Integration. Dynamic and Intuitive API’s for Easy Integration into Your Software.

Merchant’s and developers can utilize P3 dynamic API scripts to quickly and easily integrate payment functionality into their software or systems.  Process payment in multiple currencies across multiple global processors.  Mobile SDK tools are available to integrate POS equipment and card readers.  Commerce modules for popular open source shopping carts.  Access our free sandbox for development and testing.